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We maintain our leading position as wholesalers of frozen octopus keeping two extremely clear priorities in mind: The quality of the raw material we work with and our standards of excellence throughout the production chain.

Ditusa, a subsidiary of the Spanish company Discefa, is the market leader in the production and distribution of top-quality wholesale frozen octopus in North America. Our commitment to sustainable and selective fishing is one of the company´s key guidelines, driving us to participate in all kinds of initiatives and programs geared to quality and sustainability. The octopus marketed by Ditusa is caught in the best fishing grounds in the world, using ocean-friendly methods, and delivered directly to our processing plant in La Coruña in northwestern Spain.

At our facility we work only with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee 100% efficient delivery and the best quality octopus always in perfect condition. We have several strategic locations throughout America and a distribution network that allows us to be flexible and to secure our leadership both in time as well as in the quality of the final product.

From our factory to your business

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3 aspects differentiate us from our competitors and position us as the best frozen octopus distributor in North America and Canada: the unsurpassable quality of our product and our professional team, the main contributors to our decades of experience working side by side with distributors from different parts of the world. Every day we strive to improve the quality of our service. The strength most valued by our customers, and therefore worth highlighting, is the efficiency of our delivery times: your merchandise will arrive at its destination within 48 to 72 hours of placing your order, regardless of which state you are in.


Superior Quality

We at Ditusa work exclusively with top-quality raw material, caught in the best fishing grounds in the world, in order to supply an excellent and uniform product, and we are ranked as one of the market leaders in the production and distribution of premium fish and seafood. These are the commercial brands under which we market our frozen octopus:

The commercial brands that belong to Discefa are leaders and benchmarks in the sector



Whole raw octopus tray

Whole raw octopus in a tray

Top-quality, deep-frozen whole octopus. The product is cleaned, gutted and packaged individually in different sized trays, ideal for distribution through the HORECA channel. This preserves the consistency, texture, color and flavor of fresh octopus, 100% drained weight, guaranteed best performance on the market.

Whole flower shaped raw octopus

Whole flower-shaped raw octopus

This format of deep-frozen octopus is delivered ready for the end consumer. It is cleaned, gutted and coated with a 10% protection glaze, and packaged in IWP or IQF format.


Cooked whole octopus

Cooked whole octopus

High-quality cooked frozen octopus, using the traditional Mediterranean method. The IWP packaging format includes a 2% protection glaze, thereby keeping its properties and characteristic flavor intact.

Cooked octopus tentacles

Cooked octopus tentacles

Ready-to-eat octopus tentacles cooked in the traditional Mediterranean manner. All the properties and flavor of the recently cooked octopus are preserved, and it is marketed in fixed-price vacuum and skin pack format.

Sushi-type cooked octopus tentacles

Sushi-type cooked octopus tentacles

Ready-to-eat, sushi-type cooked octopus tentacles. All the properties and flavor of the recently cooked octopus are preserved, and it is marketed in fixed-price vacuum and skin pack format.

Cooked octopus slices

Cooked octopus slices

Slices of high-quality cooked octopus in traditional Mediterranean or sushi-type format. 0% glaze and packaged in vacuum and skin pack format. As with all our packaging formats, all the original properties of the recently cooked octopus are kept intact.



Maximum quality and selection at origin

Ditusa is the North-American subsidiary of Discefa, a Spanish company and market leader in the sale of wholesale frozen octopus. The octopus is processed at the Discefa plant, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean and entrusted to Ditusa´s coast-to-coast distribution system.

As a subsidiary company, Ditusa upholds the standards of quality established by Discefa, with a constant focus on the origin of the raw material and excellence throughout the production process.

The highest standards of quality and screening at the source

Our experts carefully screen each specimen at the fisheries themselves. Opting for the best fishing grounds in the world – Morocco, Mexico, Chile and Peru – we guarantee the first-rate quality of our raw material.

The octopus is subject to systematic quality controls throughout the process, both at our facilities and at external laboratories, as a means of ensuring quality requirements are complied with.

Mechanization and traceability

The production equipment we work with and our distribution system are specifically designed for the processing of octopus. Moreover, the SCADA systems we use enable us to monitor all our shipments and the exact location of each order at any given time.

We work to ensure the survival of our seas and to bring the art of sustainable fishing to every corner of the world. All the packaging used to present and market our product is recyclable. We personally purchase the raw material and process it here at our facility in order to ensure that the waste never harms our planet.


Within the scope of the activity conducted by Discefa, Ditusa participates in initiatives and programs geared to guaranteeing the quality of its products and promoting responsible fishing practices with a minimum impact on the marine ecosystem:

FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification
The food safety control system, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, guarantees the quality and safety of food on a global scale.

ISO 22000
It is designed to certify food safety throughout the entire supply chain. This standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

IFS Food
Recognized by the GFSI, IFS Food audits manufacturers of foodstuffs and packagers of bulk food products, certifying aspects related to the safety and quality of the end product.


Market Growth

The excellence of our processes and the quality of our raw material ensure us constant growth on the American continent. Ditusa´s sales of frozen octopus have increased significantly in the last ten years, a trend which has become even more evident since 2016 and which points to an extremely optimistic future for our company.



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