Frozen Pre-cooked Octopus for Retail

Ditusa distributes top-quality frozen octopus to hospitality and retail establishments anywhere in the USA. A first-rate product, fished and processed with full guarantees, that will far exceed the expectations of your most demanding customers.

Our frozen octopus will have been freshly fished for you to enjoy at any time of the year. And there are many advantages with regard to the raw product: greater food safety, maximum yield from the product and a wide variety of formats geared to ensuring any recipe whatsoever can be prepared.

  • Medio pulpo en bandeja

    Half octopus in a tray

    A versatile format that adapts to all your recipes and presentations: Half octopus from 300 to 400gr.
  • Rodajas de pulpo refrigerado

    Chopped Octopus Tentacles

    Frozen Chopped Octopus Tentacles in a tray
  • Pulpo Refrigerado en bandeja

    Frozen octopus in a tray

    Ready to consume chilled cooked octopus tentacles. Available in different sizes and formats: tentacles and half octopus.
  • Tentáculos de pulpo cocido refrigerado

    Frozen Cooked Octoups Tentacles

    For more practical consumers: high-quality octopus tentacles cooked in the traditional Mediterranean style, in ready to eat format to savour at any time.
  • Tentáculos de pulpo cocido congelado

    FROZEN COOKED Octoups Tentacles

    Frozen cooked octopus tentacles, vacuum packed to preserve all their freshness. The product is marketed ready to consume and is ideal for preparing stews and rice and quick, fresh recipes in just a few minutes.

What sets our frozen octopus apart from other brands?

Icono calidad El Rey del Pulpo


Our number one priority is working with top quality octopus only. Using manual techniques, we select the best examples and deliver them from the fishing grounds to your establishment without losing any flavor or nutritional properties whatsoever. 

Icono distribución El Rey del Pulpo


We deliver anywhere in the USA in record time. Our distribution system guarantees speedy and efficient delivery to ensure your establishment´s requirements are met, whatever your volume of business.

Icono formatos El Rey del Pulpo


Your customers won´t be able to resist our variety of formats: practical, convenient and versatile enough to adapt to any recipe whatsoever.

Emplatado El Rey del Pulpo

Ditusa distributes its products to the end consumer under the name El Rey del Pulpo.  Present in over 40 countries, our brand complies with the highest standards of quality and is backed by a distribution system that guarantees octopus of homogeneous quality, anywhere in the world and at any time of the year.

You can also get in touch with us and ask us to adapt our formats of frozen octopus to your business´ needs.